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Curd, Priest and Pied Bushchat

Updated: May 8, 2020

Among the Toda people in the Nilgiris, there goes a story that explains the origin of the white wing patches on the Pied bushchat.

A dairy priest called Piu.f was busy churning milk In a hurry to fetch water from a stream, apparently he forgot to remove the churning stick from the milk. The Pied bushchat tried to block his path. But Piu.f ignored it and flicked off butter from his hands. While Piu.f met his death, the butter left white spots on the Bushchat’s wings: spots that we see even today. (source: wikipedia)

Well that's how legends roll.

Featured above:

Pied bushchat (male) | Binomial name: Saxicola caprata

Image captured in Munnar, Kerala, India.

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