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Of Eliot and Pipit

I was googling Pipit, for a lark, and found a mention, interestingly, in TS Eliot’s poem titled ‘A Cooking Egg.’ The poem seems to refer to the poet’s own sense of youth being over. (A cooking egg is an egg past its prime. It cannot be eaten by itself, only along with other ingredients).

There is the mention of Pipit, possibly his companion. And over the poem, he seems to explain the whole of life with a simple setting of a person sitting in a room with his companion, Pipit, while ruminating about life.

More than poetry, it is the analysis of poetry that often astounds me. Did the poet really intend to suggest all that the people analysing the poem years later think he did? I haven’t studied literature. So while I like some good poetry, that, honestly, would be beyond me to confidently comment on. Let me stick to simpler things, like birds, maybe?

Featured above:

Paddyfield pipit | Binomial name: Anthus rufulus

A usual sight in open cultivation areas, this one prefers to run, rather than fly far. I shot this one on a field in Sinhagad valley. It did seem to be in as reflective a mood as TS Eliot sounds in his poem.

Image captured in Sinhagad valley, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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