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S-L-O-W in the time of COVID

The trouble with the idea of Slow Living is that everyone else in your life will do everything to disrupt it.

S-L-O-W itself is often used as an acronym of Sustainable (not having an impact), Local (not someone else's patch), Organic (not mass-produced) and Whole (not processed).

However, the very idea of a less chaotic life seems impossible nowadays.

Covid has done something to all of us. Try not being available for a few hours. Try switching off your phone for a while. Trying not responding to work after work hours. You will find the entire universe go crazy trying to find ways to barge in.

The virus may live amongst us for a long time, but we have to go back to realising that other people’s lives and time do not belong to us. It belongs to them and it must be respected.

How on earth will we find calm if don’t respect someone else’s right to it?

Featured above:

Grey Heron | Binomial name: Ardea cinerea

I remember this fellow was a picture of calm. How much I envy that luxury.

Image captured in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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