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The Queen Mother of Kabini

Updated: May 8, 2020

Mum tigers are fascinating to watch. Unlike males, they are watchful, wary and fiercely protective when it comes to the cubs. October, 2016. we chanced upon her highness.

The Tiger Tank female, as she was known in the jungles of Kabini, was out for a stroll with her three cubs. This was the lady who changed the reputation of a forest that was previously known for leopards, The cubs, like her, were bold enough to walk around in the open. Watching a tigress with her cubs is a lesson in itself. While we greedily lapped up every second of that sighting, the nonchalant mum, once in a while, looked back sternly just to make sure we were a safe distance from her kids.

Featured above:

Indian Tigress with cubs | Binomial name: Panthera tigris

Image captured in Kabini forest, Karnataka, India.

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